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I know what you mean. ;) I also noticed they didn't care about consistency when it came to the knitting... she was in a different place in the row whenever they looked away and then back at her. That, and her piece didn't really look like an actual sweater part.

I still enjoyed the show. ;)


Yup i noticed the inconsistancies.. ugh.. i gues i can find a job with them to help?! hee..hee.. i love the the show too:-) even when they have bloopers like that... and the story line was oodles of fun :-) so looking forward to next week:-)


I know. I know.

Meredith knitting a big shapeless schmata was OK - because she is subliminating. But it was annoying that they equated knitting with a lack of sensuality.

But Izzy whipping out a whole sweater in between patients in time to wear it for three hours before she gave it to Denny - that was just wrong.

I mean - OK, so she started it before shift, and it was on about 13 needles, let's say it was a top down seamless yoke sweater.....nope. But at least they left the sex in for this one.


This is what I'm saying! Oh, and I guess Izzie has never heard of the boyfriend sweater curse... I mean, if anyone should worry about the curse (not that I believe), it's the girl in love with a guy who needs a new heart, right?


You crack me up, I also wondered how on earth she could have done that....but you said it better that I ever could.


I was totally thinking the same thing - and there is no way the piece Meredith was working on would be any part of a sweater. Good to know I'm not the only one who knits while watching Greys! :)


Hey :) This is that Vassar girl you met at TNNA a couple of years ago. I'm so glad you mentioned this show! They were using fat yarn and massive needles, but that sweater was not knit in one busy intern's day. Also, I believe Meredith was wrapping the yarn the "backwards" way around the needle, which made me a little sad... it's so much harder to follow instructions for more complicated stitches this way.

As for your knitting mojo, mine was gone for a bit too, mostly because I was pursuing other creative endeavors, but this past week I had a mission -- make the MIL's birthday gift in advance of her birthday, for a change -- and a delivery of Knitpicks' Shine yarn in a smashing cherry red. This inspired me to knock out a lace-ish shawl in two days. It also confirmed my theory that new yarn is good for the soul, especially when the project costs less than $15.


hi Pamela - nice to hear from you!

I'm not too worried about Meredith wrapping the yarn the other way if it's easier for her - as long as she isn't twisting her stitches. Somehow I don't think she'll be getting to any complicated stitch patterns, and Annie Modesitt has taught me the value of "combined" knitting. (I'm too set in my ways to knit that way myself, but I can see where it would be more efficient.)

Congrats on getting your mojo back!

Kathode Ray Tube

I love Grey's Anatomy too but it was so painfully obvious that Meredith could barely hold the fat needles, let alone knit. I don't know how those tired residents have time to have sex, knit and do major surgeries all in a day!

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