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Dishwashers are key. I remember what it is
like not to have one. Changing the subject, Seal, makes
me weak in the knees...his first album
really hooked me.

Best wishes for a smooth move,


Love the glove! One day I'll knit myself a pair- and the children will not be allowed to wear it out playing in the snow. Good luck with the move.


Beautiful colorway on the glove. It's somewhat incongruous, however, that your glove makes me think more of the coming spring than winter.


Verry pretty Koigu gloves!


Gorgeous gloves! And congrats on the dishwasher. Alison--I have my own home and I STILL don't have a dishwasher, so I'm jealous!


Hey, those gloves look great! Gotta love that garter stitch cuff when using Koigu :) So where is your new apartment? Need any moving help? Oh, and thank Scott for introducing me to the 'Modern Age'...!


Isn't Koigu a joy to work with. How are you coming with White Teeth? It's one I couldn't get myself into. Of course these days I'd rather knit than work hard to read a book.


Alison-When I lived in NYC ten thousand years ago, I craved a dishwasher more than life itself. I finally got one, on my third minuscule apartment--a dishwasher unlike any I've ever seen. It was located directly under the sink, held maybe a dozen dishes if you put them in just so, and seemed like something out of Barbie's Dream Kitchen. So weird! Only in New York!

Hope your move goes well. I love the clean slate feeling I get when I move. Don't forget to patck the yarn!


Congrats on the dishwasher. I remember the endless battles in TA14 over dishes, senior year. Well, Jason and Sara's endless battles ...

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