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Hi Alison!
If you are still looking for book suggestions and like short stories, I would recommend Jhumpa Lahiri's Interpreter of Maladies. She has an exquisite writing voice.
Thanks for your felting tip (hmm, is that like a felt tip marker?). You started lots of comments on the subject!
I finally just got DSL. Hope you get yours soon!


Hi Alison,
It's a small knitting world! I've met you at the Wed night UWS knitting group and this afternoon I discovered that you and I have knit baby blankets for the same baby! I'm also a friend of Alec and Stacie and today I met the baby and I saw your gorgeous leafy green blanket. (My blanket is a simple stockinette hot pink one.) The picture of your blanket does not do it justice--it's so beautiful!


I'm working on a sweater for my hubby and I figure if I get 6 inches in its time to start a new project. heck, I may not wait that long.
I can't wait to see rogue


What color did you decide on for the Rogue? Is it gray? LOL--I told Michele this weekend I want to make one now because you inspired me!

You'll get Hank8 done yet! I have faith!


Rogue is great! I'm doing it in a color called Anthracite (which in real life is a mineral I believe). It's sort of a charcoal brown. Lynnette, you should definitely make one! It's great fun.

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