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When I moved into my apartment, I told myself, "No cable!" Guess who has cable now, and not only basic cable but the standard package? It turns out that if I don't have TV, I get far less knitting done. Getting cable via the company's website sucked, too... I went through the whole process and signed up, and the order never got processed. I had to call anyway, which made me angry, since I'm hearing impaired and absolutely HATE the phone.

Glad to hear you're all moved in! I hope you get your DSL soon. We want pictures!!:)


Knitting and television definitely feed off of each other for me too. Although I've been trying recently to listen to music more while I knit instead of watching TV, I definitely need *something* to entertain me while I sit and knit.

And it works the other way too: recently in my friend Noah's (non-knitting) blog, he was talking about listening to Al Franken's new radio show, and feeling like just listening was wierd. He suggested that maybe his wife should teach him to knit! (Now that I'd like to see.)


Congrats on the move!


I also made a multidirectional scarf. I used Kuyreon. It looks great. Next I will try it in silk garden. It was great fun knitting the scarf.

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