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So sorry to hear about the house. I hope you find a house you like just as much or perhaps even more.

I've been patiently waiting to receive my package from Webs. Also Cascade 220.


Sosrry to hear about the house. There are lots of great houses in New England, I'm sure you'll find one even better than the one that slipped away.


Sorry about the house Alison. Another one will come along.
I joined your Yahoo group.
Am I getting in over my head? LOL


I'm sorry to hear the house plan fell through. But you'll find something equally good, if not better. I had my heart set on a particular apt in Hong Kong, but the landlord wanted me to agree to crazy terms, so I walked away from the deal. I thought I would never find anything as nice. But I did! The same will happen to you and your family.....


Oh, Alison. I'm so sorry to hear that. I know the feeling, too. And I'm getting furstrated with our search here, so I can relate.


There will come a day when you will be glad this deal fell through, because something even better turns up. Also, I had to replace a roof once. You've made the right decision! I'm intrigued by your Knitter's Way group...I'll have to check this out.


Aw I hate it when that happens--but I have found that the lost house is almost always replaced with a better one anyway. I have also found that new yarn takes the edge off any unpleasantness . . .

I really wish I could participate in your Knitter's Way group--too much going on right now. Is there a way to do it pass/fail? Can I audit? Sit in the back of the auditorium?

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