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Hey, Alison, I just got my Vogue Knitting in the mail, and guess what I saw on page 45? It's absolutely gorgeous!

amy boogie

That is soooo pretty.


Its GORGEOUS Alison!!! You did a beautiful job!


Looks great! Can I take the photo, lighten it up and stick it in the Lace along gallery? Wish I could get a vogue knits over here to see what is on page 45!


Alison, that's fabulous.


Just beautiful, Alison!

julia fc

That's terrific. I will be doing a lace along update tis weekend. I can't wait to send people your way to admire it. You should model it for us!


The shawl is gorgeous. I had to laugh though -- you knit compulsively and in practically no time have a beautiful (and huge) shawl. I knit compulsively though a bit more sporadically, and I have 20 rows of a shawl! It makes me think I need to be MORE compulsive (which itself makes me laugh because somewhere out there are the thought crosses my mind, my husband is howling NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!)


Wow Wow WOW. Alison--I leave town for three weeks, come back, and you've cranked this incredible shawl. Totally knocked out by this. Very beautiful, and filled with things that make me go, Huh? How'd she do THAT?

As for compulsive knitting, I can't give you much help. I lost a project last week because I have so many things going on at once. Just lost it, have no idea where it could be. It's embarrassing: I'm not even that torn up about it because . . . I have so many other projects going.


If compulsivity leads to the creation of beautiful shawls, I say bring it on! I try not to turn on the TV when I knit. Of course, that's the advantage of having kids. I have to set a good example. :)


That is simply stunning. I am sitting over here in awe. Maybe someday such a thing is within my grasp? At the moment, it's hard to see it!


as you can see, i'm catching up on my comments - bloglines finally guilted me into it. 1200 unread entries. for shame. i just wanted to say that your shawl is beautiful. i have a bajillion feet of pale pink laceweight merino to turn into Something. *ponders mindnumbingly difficult lace pattern*

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