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Lynnette Kopetsky

Great sign picture Alison! I'd have taken pics too.

Don't worry about your rejections. Remember--Vogue has already said you are worthy, and not just in a one time magazine, but in a book people will have on their shelves!

And you do need a break! And you will live to submit another day LOL


That's just too funny!

Just because your designs were rejected doesn't mean they aren't good. The magazines so often have a trend in mind that may or may not be something 'we' like. You could find another way to publish your designs.


Thanks Margene and Lynnette,
I do try to keep rejections in perspective, and I will probably try to develop some of these designs and publish them myself or submit them elsewhere. It's just frustrating coming on the heels of having no fun knitting the ponchos on a tight deadline. But I know I'll get my groove back eventually....


great photos! my first time posting here, though i read your blog often...don't give up, your designs are beautiful! i like the idea of publishing them yourself...


The road sign is great!


You are an exceptional designer. Your work is intruiging, fun to knit and technically very impressive. Not only that, you're a terrific person, a great teacher and a fun traveling companion.

Editorial choices seldom have anything to do with the intrinsic worth of a design - they have more to do with a pre-determined "theme" in a magazine (and we see how well that's working for Vogue...)

I actually have a design proposal for you - I'd love to email you about it privately.

You're someone I admire very much - and for some odd reason I've been in a bit of a funk since the retreat, too! (Culminating in a sponge throwing incident with my husband...) It's the same feeling I used to get the day after opening night - the letdown. It'll pass and enthusiasm, joy and excitement will return! Hope is always waiting for us!

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