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Happy Christmas, Alison! May Santa bring you lots of goodies to eat and lots of time to knit!
[I look forward to seeing your finished Swan Sweater - thus far, it is gorgeous!]

Amy Boogie

Merry Christmas and I hope you get all that you want. I'm with you on the deadline knitting stuff. I can't even seem to do a swatch on time.

melissa j

hope you had a very merry holiday weekend and crossed some things off your wish list. :) keep working on that swan sweater!


Is it horribly selfish of me to want nothing but knitting time for you to work on your swan sweater so that I can see even more scrumptious pics of it as it comes along?

Deadlines=evil! It seems if I'm just working on a project at a pace that I feel is good that it'll get done in no time at all. Give me a deadline like xmas or a bday? Nope. They'll be lucky to see it months after the day they were supposed to get it. Ugh.

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