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melissa j

very cool that you're teaching more classes! you'll definitely have to let us all know how they are going...


Do you think that knitting is a good habit for someone to takeup who is in need of a more constructive habit than going out, drinking, etc... From one Augusten Burrough's fan to another, I need a constructive hobby to curb my addiction. I am afraid if I take up knitting my friends and family will find it to kitsch, b/c celebrities knit. I need something to keep my hands busy so I am not pacing wanting to go out and drink or worse. I used to make candles in High School b/c my therapist suggested a hobby. Is this a worthwhile hobby to take up? What good can come of it? Any Suggestions? Thank you for any help you can provide.


Amy, I think knitting is a very worthwhile hobby to take up - you would be creating something, rather than doing something potentially destructive. You should try it and see how you like it. However, if you are truly addicted to alcohol, you will probably need more than just knitting to help you quit.

As for what your friends and family will think, most of us knitters just knit on in spite of what anyone else might think about it (we're very independantly-minded that way), and usually people are nice to us because they want us to knit them hats, scarves, and sweaters!

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