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the sweater is looking gorgeous...for the kids' toys, what about http://www.backtobasicstoys.com? i want some of that stuff myself!

Amy Boogie

Back to basics toys are fantastic.

Your sweater looks great. It's making me itch to start a fair isle sweater.

melissa j

gorgeous sweater. i love the swirls in the blue. good luck with that toys-r-us trip...i don't envy you there. :)

Sara S.

Don't give up Ali! (either on the blog, or the sweater, or the poncho, or the scarves, or... ;-). A little known fact about Christmas gifts: they don't have to be given by Christmas, just STARTED by Christmas.


Wow! Alison--your Swan Sweater is fantastic! Absolutely beautiful. Not sure how you do all that you do . . .

Thanks so much for letting us peer into your world. And for everything else, too! 8 )

Merrrrrrrrrrry Christmas!

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