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I have TiVo, and I adore it. It suggests things I love, it lets me tape all sorts of things I would never be able to actually sit down and watch, I tape Days of Our Lives and fast forward through the stuff that makes me want to barf- what could be better? I know. A remote that I can program to respond to voice commands, so I wouldn't have to stop knitting.

Speaking of knitting, I love your I Do. The purple is fabulous. It'd look great topping a black strappy dress over the summer.

Lynnette Kopetsky

Not pregnant? Darn! I thought we could be pregnant together Alison!

Beautiful shrug--you look so stunning in that color! I think I'm in a shawl-ish mood today and might take a big project plunge!

Miss you!!!


your shrug is gorgeous...and congratulations to your sister!


that is one beautiful FO. i think this is the first completed I DO shrug that I have seen. Yours came out truly fabulous. I am tempted to make one now because of you!

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