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Amy Boogie

Sorry to hear this happened again. I know many houses around here are still selling even though there is so much damage. 3rd times a charm right?


*hugs* we're having a house we're trying to buy inspected tomorrow......it's nerve wracking.


Oh, sweetie - bummer about the house!

C'mon on out to South Orange - we'll find you a nice home here!!




Oh, Alison! I know just how you feel. It's so frustrating, I know.


Oh no! I am SO sorry to hear this! I know how frustrating it can be -- I am wishing a perfect house for you!


Don't count your chickens, but COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS! Just think about how miserable it would be to be the owner of that house--yeccccch! Good luck on your hunt. I happen to love house hunting, was bummed when we finally had to pick one.

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