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Oh man, this has happened to me more than once. I've started saving them in draft mode as soon as I start typing the post, and every few lines. When I'm done, I switch it to publish mode.
I'm enjoying Birch. Once you get past the first few rows, it's a pretty simple pattern, other than the fact that Kidsilk Haze is like hairy dental floss.


thanks for the advice about saving drafts. And also - hooray for hairy dental floss! (Full Birch progress report is forthcoming; suffice it to say that I made a lot of progress at GA.)

Teresa C

Hi Alison, I was just directed to your blog by Julia (Moth Heaven) who told me you are moving to Haverhill. So, depending on the route you take and where exactly you will be living, you will be anywhere from fourish to fifteen minutes from me-I live just over the border in NH. I lived in Haverhill for a about five or so years before we moved up here. My next-door neighbor attends a UU congregation in North Andover (we are closer than that sounds, she went to high school with my husband and married his best friend), so I could set you up with her if you'd like. I'm not claiming to have any answers, but if you have any questions, send 'em my way! Have a fun month packing. BTW-where will you be working (I know, you don't know me, so don't feel that you have to answer that, I totally understand).

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