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Glad to hear you are moved in. Your own yarn room. I am so jealous.
Wonder if someone here would be willing to move out so I can have my own yarn room. I don't think so.
Have fun setting it up.

Amy Boogie

I'm glad to hear you're getting settled. I love neighbors that bake goodies! I too had a fiber room until I got pregnant again. It's slow going dismantling it.


Congratulations for having a new home! I hope you will settle in quickly. I wish you many happy hours of knitting there.

julia fc

Welcome to the neighborhood!
Remember, Tuesdays at the Newburyport library, after 6:30 until 9. Please come, now that you have all this free time!


Moving to Mass soon too. I was looking for homes in your location and decided to rent for a year to get to know the area. I wish you luck with everything and can't wait to see your new projects. Enjoy the new house.

the country girl

It really DOES take a bit of time to stop feeling like a visitor in your own home when you first move in. I remember that feeling too.

Can't wait to see what pretty things you knit next!


Good luck in this new phase of your life! We will miss you here in NYC. Lovely home. Just lovely! I am officially jealous.

Where will you be working?


Oh, I've always loved that Starmore pattern! Hope you're settled before you know it.


Hi Alison, congrats on being a homeowner! lots of luck and hugs to you and Scott and the rest of your family i know they must all be happy to have a big house for all of your to fit in! :-)
funny thing.. last nite i went to B&N to get your book.. then i got home and found a free copy in my mailbox.. isn't that a hoot.. oh well but you can never have too many pattern books :-) lots of hugs missing you in the city.. Karola

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