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So glad I could help promote a new addiction.

Oh, and happy belated birthday!

The Feminist Mafia

I'm an obsessed tea drinker too. For black/caffeine, I drink Barry's every day.


For anything else, it's Tea Luxe all the way. The Tea Luxe locations in Harvard Sq and Newbury Street have amazing lunches and treats and loose tea in huge mugs. The Creme de la Earl Grey is fabulous, and I'm not a big Earl Grey fan. The Dragon Pearl Jasmine is so fun. The Jasmine flowers are tightly balled and "bloom" while steeping. Enjoy!



Hi Alison,
so happy to see you back on the blog track! :-) I love being able to be a part of your new life in Boston, and ironically I think i might have mentioned this but I work for Bob Bernstein - Nancy (she said to send her best!) King Bernstein's hubby isn't it a small world! lots of hugs to you both and kori said hi too! :-) k


Feminist Mafia - I went to Tea Luxe last week! I work near there when I'm at my church job. I haven't tried any of their teas yet, but I took home the menu and they look amazing. I was just there to get t-sacs for when I have my tea to go, and to check out their teapot selection.

I'll have to try Barry's as well. Thanks for the tip!

Karola - you did mention the coincidence, I'll have to remember to tell Scott. Nice to hear from you, and hi to Kori.


Do you drink your coffee from a mug that says "Loser" a la Alice's?


No, but Scott does!


Just learned today that Alice's got rid of the Loser mugs because people found it offensive.


People really take themselves too seriously sometimes. Good thing Scott bought one for himself before we moved. He'll have to bring it with him next time we go there.


A tea convert. You'll have to send my your address and I'll send you some Peet's Christmas blend. Of course don't hold your breath. I still have the tea I bought last Christmas to send to Karola. LOL
Tea cosies rock.
You need to check out adagio.com


Now that's what I call an indefinite leave of absence. Good to 'see' you. I must check out Alice's since it's a block away and I've NEVER BEEN INSIDE. xox Kay

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