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Hi there Alison,

You've been on my mind lately and just wanted to drop you a quick note hello. I also have recently taken up yoga and am loving it. BTW, I enjoy watching My Name is Earl.


the sermon was lovely.. I truly enjoyed it and it gave me insite that i didn't have before and knowledge.. it made me feel good too:-) thank you :-) thank her! and lots of hugs from a soggy new york city :-) karola

julia fc

I'll take your word for it on the Earl thing. I was curious.
On Sunday in Newburyport, the sermon was delivered by a guest,Charles Stevens from Nebraska, and it was about the importance now of being a Liberal Religious Minister
And I loved every minute of it, almost ready to apply to Harvard Div when he was done. But in front of me on old timer turned around at the end of the service and harumphed about it. He should remember, she said, that some of us AREN'T liberals. And she totally missed the point about tolerance and community and hearing many voices in the conversation. (and of course I coudln't help wonder if she ever listened), but I am just asaying, that it IS good to hear it from someone who is a leader. That's why I'm there as a follower.

Alison G. W.

Julia, yeah, I think she did miss the point. Much of what he's talking about is about being a religious liberal, which is not necessarily the same as being politically liberal. And she must not have been paying attention when he said that there is no UU dogma against the war or anything, but that we have freedom of the pulpit and it's important for UU ministers to preach what they believe.

Anyway... glad you had such a great church experience.

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