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I'd suggest "Green's Sleeves" but that sounds like you just do sweaters ... or just parts of sweaters.

Kathode Ray Tube

How about "UU Knits"?


I actually like Greensleeves. Who says it has to make sense?

Love the idea that you will be selling patterns!

xox Kay


Great idea selling your own patterns rather than depending on magazines.



Hi again, I didn't have you bookmarked in this computer, so I googled and found out there is also one allisonknits [DOT) com, so going with your blog name might not be the best option.

Just thought I should let you know, in case you didn't know about it yet.

Anyway, I think Greensleeves is interesting too.

Good luck!


I've been out of the loop on blogging activity so just caught up with your recent posts. That's great that you are going to launch your own site! And as for the money situation (gas, heating oil, etc.) I hear you! I am going through the same thing right now...

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