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Beautiful colors. I am knitting the Norwegian Mittens from EZ. I am having fun. Had to restart them a few times. I'm using Elegance from Knitpicks in a blue and grey. They really look great.

julia fc

Yummy. Could you share the yarn info? Frog Tree perhaps (given that the shop carries that) or is it hebridean? inquiring minds want to knit!


Oh, yes, of course - silly me. The yarn is Knit Picks Palette. It's nice - pretty much your basic fingering weight wool, with nothing special to commend it or distract from it.

But now that you mention it - Frog Tree Alpaca would make lovely Latvian mittens, and it comes in such beautiful colors.... hmmmm...

Elaine in NYC

Glad that things are picking up for you. I've been similarly inspired to do these mittens and purchased some solid color sock yarn from elann. Can't decide yet what to make, but I was lucky enough to snag the Upitis book at a thrift shop for $3.

Elaine in NYC


your mitten is very nice. and congratulations ono the additional teaching classes.


I like them. I love the look of Latvian mittens, and the colors in yours are very nice.

The Feminist Mafia

Oh ... love those mittens. Let me know what classes you're teaching. I might have to take one. Are you teaching a class for woefully dense anti-math people who can't tackle gauge or any version of sweater sizing? :-)

Beth S.

That's SO lovely! Is it from "Latvian Mittens", or another book?...

Diane E.

It's about time I knit myself a pair of Latvian mitts. Been knitting kids mitts with leftover lopi for years. Beautiful shades!

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