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Great pumpkin carving. What a shame the kids missed it. :-(


Awesome jack-o-lanterns!

Bizarre... I've never know any neighbourhood to trick or treat on other nights.


Hi Alison,
see what happens when you move to the suburbs:-)
yup it was like that on long island too on Saturday.. cause the parents got to go out with the kids.. and then have their own halloween bashes:-) hugs i love your married pumpkin carvings:-) karola


Great Jack 'o Lanterns.
We had a great Halloween.
The kids carved pumpkins. WE had dry ice to make fog and a thunder and lightening machine. Tons of candles and black cats, spider webs and a candy bowl that grabbed your hand when you picked up a piece of candy. Scared some kids. The teenagers thought it was great.

julia fc

Haverhill is a bureaucratic town, girl. Sorry about that. All of us on the North Shore were laughing behind H's back this year. To THINK!
Come over the Newburyport next year for some REAL fun.


those are wonderfully great jack o lanterns. thanks for sharing them.

Dan Harper

Sadly, we now live in a 2nd floor apartment in a downtown city neighborhood that's just edgy enough so that on Halloween no kids at all came to our place, or even passed by on the streets below. As much as I love living in this city neighborhood, I envy the fact that you live in a neighborhood where kids actually came around (and I envy your jack-o-lanterns, but that's a whole 'nother story).

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