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I *love* the AE/BBC version of P&P. Very pretty scarf, btw!

The Feminist Mafia

Wow, such link-love today! Thanks. I had such a great time at your class this weekend, and can't wait to take another. Also, I can't wait for the crazy holiday knitting to be finished so I can resume a more normal social knitting calendar. Think we could find time to sit-n-knit before 12/25? Let me know ...


Hey I'm the same princess you are! Re: the slacker stuff in your previous post, you are pretty damn productive in the areas of your choice, so I wouldn't worry about it. But if you want more insight on that there's a section in Peck's "Road Less Travelled" on procrastination.... I love that book and have read it many many times. I get something different from it each time.


Let me third the BBC Pride and Prejudice love - I just re-watched it a week or two ago to occupy myself through miles of i-cord and was even more pleased than the first time, years ago. It's the perfect knitting companion, movie-wise - and it has Colin Firth. You can see why I might ignore the newfangled version just out in theatres.

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