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Teresa C

Hooray for Rogue! Finally. :)

sarah b.

That square looks great! I'm working on the Great American Aran Afghan, too. I had it almost finished last Christmas for my mom, but got mad at it when the edging didn't work out right for me, so I set it aside for a year! I'm trying to finish the edging now. I know it will be a bit before you get there, but I highly recommend doing the edging attached rather than doing the edging and then attaching it. But, you'll cross that bridge when you get there. :-)


Hi Alison,
want to send me that sock and i'll finish it for you.. i've gotta problem with the one sock itis!! hee..hee.. i always have to finish them for peoples.. hee..hee.. i seem to become obsessed when i get to the end of the first sock so that it is done in 1/2 the time it took to make the first one.. haha.. :-) hugs happy new year , karola

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