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The Feminist Mafia

Good lord! What a weekend. Did you have some tequilla when you got home? Was the tumbling-from-window woman OK? Are you OK?

Get thee to the pointy sticks, quick.


Bless you. You are a great friend.

julia fc

Yipes. That explains so much at my end of the block this week. Sympatico, chicca.


Alison, did you send that retrograde mercury my way?! why.. not fair.. i seemed to have had a similary story to Sara's today and still haven't finished packing.. but the truck has come and gone.. hired some maybe not shady but questionable movers.. i must say they were amazing you kno wmy 4th floor walk up.. eeek and it was a very nasty hot day.. muggy.. thundershowers a few times.. grrr.. anyway then we needed them for an additional 2-3 hours.. so they hood winked me for another 180$ ugh.. grrr.. anyway i still have my desk, wall unit and kitchen rack to dismantle and pack my 4 drawers of files.. and pack up the computer.. ugh.. anyway i'm wiped out but can't fall asleep ie why i'm inhere.. lots of hugs to you Sara and Will.. and i hope some day you can visit me in arizona.. yup 4 bedrooms and one of them is just for yarn and ladybugs.. of course.. hugs karola

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