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An early Happy Birthday wish.
Even though the weather affected your weekend it does sound nice.
Have fun with your piano.


Getting stuck and having to spend an extra day on Star is every Shoaler's dream! It's so nice to hear of another knitter connected with Star! I love it there, although it's been a few years since I've been back! I used to go to the Young Adults conference and YRUU/LRY before that. Nothing beats sitting on a rocking chair on the front porch with some great folks and knitting the afternoon away.


Alison, i was wondering where you had gone off to... i'm so glad you had a wonderful vacation and an added special extra day!! i remembered your bdya was coming up and the number too.. i had just graduated from high school that year.. haha.. anyway mising you and looking forward to more posts.. how are the wedding plans going?! i bet it won't be as perfect as i felt y our day was :-) hugs to you all karola


Hi Alison,

imet you when you taught half a knitting class at the Makor Center befor eyou moved to Boston. I am looking for a yarn shop in Riverdale and when i googled that found you and your writing aobut a friend from Vassar who was involved with one. Do you keep inotuch and do you have any details? Many thanks,


Happy birthday!

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