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What an amazing display of gorgeous shawls - I can't believe you actually made them all and finished them in time...and with the red dresses....WOW!!!

Beth S.

Oh, wow. So... many... shawls! Very impressive! And you look SO good in your DFS. :-) I know you raved about Adamas, but just LOOK at you in that shawl! I think you kept the right one. :-)


No wonder you've been absent! FABULOUS gift for your sister and the wedding grrls look so wonderful in your knit lace. Nice work...you are a super sister!


The shawls are AMAZING!

The Feminist Mafia

Good lord, those shawls are amazing! Your sister is very lucky to have you.


Gosh that's so pretty! Your post caught my eye because I live in Guilford! I was up in Maine enjoying another wedding. Those shawls are stunning!


Those shawls are just dazzling to the eye. What great work!


So stunning! Quite an accomplishment.


great job! They look so nice.

Beck in Fl

I have to say, other than the shawls all being beautiful of couse (goes without saying) that group of shawl-clad ladies look like they are definately having fun!


Those shawls are just amazing -- beautiful!


That is so cool. What a great gift to your sister and her bridesmaids.

The Purloined Letter

I'm almost in tears about how beautiful a gift this is!


Exquisite! The best looking bridal party (& bride) I've seen in a LONG time!


Hi Alison!!
wow you did an amazing job! and that isn't true you do too finish things and this is a perfect example! hugs to you and the family and yes i remember your wedding.. it was a wonderful day!! hugs love karola & kori and by the way we have another addition to our family too.. like you do with your brother in law! we adopted a cocker spaniel.. she is just so cute.. hugs love karola

Stephen Vrattos

Dear Alison,

I am the marketing manager of Vertical, Inc., the publisher of the O'Ekaki books you mention on your page, the link to which you so thoughtfully provided. When I started here not too long ago, I had no idea what O'Ekaki was, but felt I should get to know the product and tried a few. I, like you, have become addicted. I would like to send you a thank-you gift for being to kind as to alert your visitors of our book. I look forward to hearing from you.
Stephen Vrattos

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