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I often write things down and then check them off. I also have a bunch of index cards stuck to the wall, each with a different project on it. I highlight the ones that are the highest priority and when they are finished, they all get stuck in the corner. Then I can look at my big stack of finished cards and feel like I do accomplish things. Off to check out your link...


i do that too...if not for any other reason than needing to feel like i am accomplishing something.

Teresa C

Ha! My to-do lists often include 1. Get out of bed. 2. Eat breakfast. 3. Take shower. 4. Eat lunch. You get the idea. There are some days that I feel like I accomplished so much just because I could cross it off. And when Pete asks what I did all day, well, I have a list to show him. Just look at all I accomplished!

BTW-really important to fit in something like yoga. Just go, you'll feel so much better that the other things will get done faster.

Dr. Judy

I have a separate "Done" List. It is amazing how your perspective changes when you realize just how much you actually DO accomplish!

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