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Love, love, love Pushing Daisies. Hope it develops the audience it deserves. I watch all that you mentioned except Heroes, plus a bunch more (Boston Legal, CSI - all except Miami, Mad Men, and on and on).


We don't have cable, so no tv for us until it comes through Netflix. I just started Arrested Development that way!

Teresa C

The only new show that we really love is Life. It is actually quite humor-filled for a police drama, but the under current of the main character's search for the person or persons that set him up for murder, causing him to spend 12 years in jail for the crime he didn't commit (and being treated much the way you might expect a cop to be treated in jail) creates a darkness balancing out the humor. I love it.


Jill's obsessed with Brothers and sisters too. I just watch Office and 30 Rock and whatever comes via Netflix ...

But wait, in Daisies, does this mean that since he kept Chuck live, people in the area keep dying every minute?


No, only one other person dies after he keeps someone alive for more than a minute. But there is further drama in his inability to tell Chuck that when they were 9, and he first discovered his ability, he accidentally killed her father by keeping his own mother alive for more than a minute. (His mother then died again when she gave him a kiss goodnight, which is how he discovered that a second touch would make them dead again.)


I'm enjoying Pushing Daisies, but I'm not sure if I'm loving yet. I haven't watched the 2nd episode yet, though. I just finished Netflixing Wonderfalls and I didn't love it as much as I loved Dead Like Me, but I'm not sure why.

This season, I'm digging Heroes, Chuck, Reaper, Bionic Woman, 30 Rock and My Name is Earl.

And never apologize for loving TV. There are some really well done shows out there.

Linda in Chicagoland

I like Daisies, too. No Grey's for me until reruns. The Office is on at the same time!

knitting bandit

I love Pushing Daisie's. I also have to admit, I am surprised to be enjoying Dirty Sexy Money. (I feel almost embarassed to say that!) It's the lead guy--what's his name? I loved him in Six Feet Under so I think it's carrying over!


I'm not really liking Daisie's. I think I'll give it one more episode. I find Chenoweth completely under utilized. She is clearly never going to get the guy as long as Chuck is there so what is her point. She's too great an actress for a very minor part. Also, Chuck's questions to the dead dandelion guy were infuriating to me. I actually yelled for her to shut up. One more week of fairy tale whimsy before I flip away.

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