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Teresa C

w00t! Congratulations Alison. Great commute, huh?

I was in a bell choir for years. I imagine you will graduate to playing several bells pretty soon. Imagine Morning Has Broken as a solo bell piece, which Meg has played. Lots of moving around on that one. You are making me want to join the church so I can play too.

Yum. Tea. We should share a pot soon.

Teresa C

Oh, and my neighbor and very good friend goes to that church, Kathy Slade. I'm pretty sure her parents attend as well. Keep a look out for her.


Congratulations on the new job! It really is a beautiful place. (I used to lifeguard at NACC, right down the street.) I bet it will be even more lovely in the summer. I might just have to come to your church to hear the bells. They only do bells at mine on special occasions.


Congratulations on the job and the musical addition to your life. What fun!


Yay, congrats on the job! That's great news!

Beth S.

I KNEW it would happen for you sooner or later. :-) I'm so pleased! :-)


hey congratulations on the job! i believe i did at one point say that the last job disappointment wasn't meant to be. i think i can say "i told you so."

Kat with a K



Congrats on the job!! How exciting.

You'll have to keep an eye out for sights of Cochichie (the Lake Cochichewick monster)!


The job sounds awesome - congrats!


Congratulations on the new job. I hope it is all you wish.

Bell Choirs are so lovely. Morning has Broken played by a bell choir must be beautiful.

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