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julia fc

Well, some people like blue . . .

I think that sometimes, it takes a long time to get there, and it's all part of the getting there. I know it feels like a race, but you probably have a few months like this ahead of you. Congrats on the baby sweater though: my spring article was submitted two years ago. It's been a long wait for that one. I know you won't have to wait so long!


I'm sort of jealous: you have a tea house.


Hey Alison,

would you please email me? I have a question to ask you re: tech editing.


Linda D

If you ever need help getting designs built into pdf's or anything like that, give me a call. You know I'd do anything to help.

I not only work for yarn, I also work for tea... ;-)


Hang in there, fullness of time, all that. While you're "idle", if you ever wanna hang out, Ivy and I are home on Mon & Fridays

The Feminist Mafia

Putting away your Christmas decorations was an accomplishment, and so was the complete consumption of transnational versions of Project Runway. Remember ... it was inspiring and therefore, worthy of your time, Ms. Artiste.


i'm sorry that the job didn't pan out but you're right it wasn't meant to be.

Beth S.

Have you seen the latest over at Sneaksleep?... I think you'll find it very encouraging. :-)

Meanwhile, we are all pulling for you!

kristine murphy

Hi Alison,

It's Friday morning 2/8 I had to go to Porter Square this a.m. and I saw a retail store called Sparks Craft Studio..it looks cute..anyway I came back to work and Googled them and found out they are looking for people..Asst. Mgr..Mgrs...it is retail..but they seem to give alot classes..just thought I'd let you know.

Knitting Bandit

Congrats on getting your pattern accepted! Who cares if it's not THIS issue, it's still really exciting!

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