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You're busy! I really like the cables on Rapunzel. I like how I look in raglan t-necks and v-necks, but I always stayed away from any kind of necklines at the collarbone. But, I recently realized that if I wear a collared shirt underneath, I like a regular raglan sweater too. Hmmm ...

Kat with a K

I'm knitting something I've knit before as well, and it's driving me out of my mind. Especially because it's cotton, which I'm not crazy about. I'm having to bribe myself to actually knit it. (14 more rows and I can knit something else for the rest of the day!)

I love the Rapunzel sweater!

Knitting Bandit

Ughh..."Professional Knitting" sounds awful for you...I hope there is some fun in it. Rapunzel is absolutely gorgeous! It's sure to be a hit!

Beth S.

I see nothing wrong with revisiting patterns. I've done three Flower Baskets so far, and will probably do at least one more before I'm finished with that pattern! ;-) I like applying what I learned the first time around to make a slightly better version the next time.

The petite version of Artemis is lovely. I'm glad you're going to keep this one. :-)


Oh, I'm liking Rapunzel......which yarn did you use?


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