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Beth S.

Your post made me think of the Little House books. I remember how twitchy Laura would get when they were supposed to be strictly observing the day of rest. ;-)

sara l

I'm a knitting peep? :) how cute.
Sorry to hear you are under the weather.. perhaps you are being forced to make up for some of the rest you never got in december, or was it november that you had the "s*ck*ss" job?
Good time to knit either way.

Kat with a K

I have recently been trying to observe the Sabbath as well. (In the Catholic Church, the Lord's Day observance is technically midnight Saturday/Sunday to midnight Sunday/Monday.) I'm really liking it.

Christine Haack

love the leap day idea! But where I live it should it should happen in may or june when it would be nice outside!


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