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i'd be interested in your knit design class in the fall. where would you be teaching it?


Probably at A Loom with a View in Newburyport. I'd be open to other venues if they'd have me, or I could also run it out of my house (in Haverhill) if I got enough interest from blog readers & friends.


Hey there Alison - GREAT job on Twist Collective! It is really impressive and really FRESH! You all must be so excited (and exhausted!).


Happy to hear things are going well for you. GREAT job on the premiere issue of Twist Collective. Your pattern was the first one I ordered. I LOVE it. It's fabulous!


Twist Collective - awesome!!!!

Beth S.

Absolutely blown away by T.C.! I should have guessed that you were behind that gorgeous orangey bit of cabling in the previews... ;-)


Pretty exciting to have a famous daughter...sort of. We were checking out the Knitty link--Brett says "That's awesome! But the real Helena is so much cuter!" And Hermia is GORGEOUS, and clever.

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