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I am loving reading this meme from everyone, but I'm afraid to hear my hubs answers!


his answers are cute. it seems he knows more about knitting than my husband :-)


Give that man a cookie. Or something else that is also tasty and pleasant. *smishes him virtually* What an awesome guy!


You are very lucky to have a husband who loves your craft. My husband, on the other hand, would have answered everything in a negative way. He hates that I knit, hates the expense, what a bear. You should count your blessings!


hi. I came across helena in knitty and had to leave you a note. i love the sweater. i blogged about it a couple days ago. i am actually writing this from the coffee shop/yarn store - where i'm supposed to be writing my dissertation proposal - i keep staring at that long wall of gorgeous yarn and daydreaming about helena. (yeah, i know, it's my fault for trying to write at the yarn store in the first place!) looks like i'll have a bit of retail therapy before i leave. thanks for your creativity and inspiration.

the interview is great too - my husband and i would have a very similar conversation. he knows as much about short rows as i know about jigs (a woodworking thing), which is a suprising amount:)


What a sweet husband he sounds like. I wonder how my Huz would respond?

I loved taking your lace workshop at the Fiber Revival, you were great.


I love your new pattern. I am planning to make Helena for a baby I know, I am pretty sure I will have to make Hermia for me. Very lovely.


I loved this! Thanks for posting it. :)

Knitting Bandit

What a fun post! You and your sweetie made me smile!

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