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I would love to see the Gawain pattern offered in the round. Ot os a beautiful design!


Happy New Year Alison!

I hope it's a blessed and prosperous year for you.


Gawain is glorious, Alison. I love your design aesthetic, and I can always count on liking your patterns. Thanks, too, for turning me on to Twist Collective! And I just saw the Madeline Tosh yarns touted on the Purl Diva website. Best wishes for continued "balance."

Linda D

Can't wait to see the pattern ready for purchase. I must have it! But even tho I detest seaming, I think I'd knit it flat...

kiss my style

this is absolutely gorgeous! the cable is really delicate.


Good to see you online again :)

I'm loving your cabled ways...


love, love, love, love! and I'd knit Gawain either way, but would love to have the options in the pattern. I'm much more likely to cast on an in-the round sweater as I perceive it to be easier and more portable, even tho that makes NO sense.


Gawain is beautiful! I think it would be nice if you offered it both ways so one has a choice. Love your cabley ways! As a result of seeing your beret on New Year's Day, I am the proud owner of several skeins of MadTosh sock and some Oxblood in the worsted weight is on order :-).


I love the Gawain and want to buy the pattern once it is up here. How many yards of yarn do I need to buy?


yes, circular needles for Gawain!


Thanks for the "Remember the Milk" link. I'm gonna check that out!

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